i understand wounds bleed and scabs form 
and scabs take time to drop and maybe 
they itch some meanwhile 
but this one’s taking longer
than i’d like it to

but the editions we make
looking back at our narratives
are proof that revisions do get made
and yes
the scab has dropped

and i prefer it never bothers me again


I forgot the technical term for it- format? formatting? interface? something like that.

anyway! I should reflect on the recent move to an-other continent, an-other country, but really, the huge experience was processed back in 2008, in New Zealand, in a certain other space whose name begins with a c- and ends with an -m*. So I’ve mostly been task-oriented here. Which is not to say there aren’t things I’m grateful for, because there are, or everything’s been easy-peasy, because I’ve been on the edge a few times, with accommodation (when will my fingers remember it’s spelt with two Ms?) and especially the car. But in the interest of time – because the bed is calling – I wanted to post a few links on fooooood that I’d like to try when I shift into a beautiful new home tomorrow (! pretty excited about that), and begin making my own meals. Sous ve leus, which is completely made up but fit in anyhow. So-

1) Breakfast and rolled oats

Mostly rolled (not instant) oats, greek yoghurt, milk and chia seeds – with fruit chunks of the week. Nothing not to like.



I love eggplant dip. hannah’s mommy has a beautiful receipe which I’ve asked for, but hannah hasn’t gotten round to it. meanwhile-


3) Molten cake

Not, that I’m going to make it, I think, but it does look easy.


4) 10 Commandments of being an NYC chef

Zero recepies in there, but for the sake of #9 which reminds us to be kind to our dishwashers.


That’s about all. There was a yoghurt marinated chicken baked one, but the tab disappeared somehow and I’m still happy enough with the pan so I didn’t bother digging it up again. Too much going on on my browser right now.

In other news, Perth still means long-distance and lately I’ve been made to think of how to love mommy better.

P/S A quote from Karl Barth my attention had the pleasure of being directed to today –

So many facts, questions, and riddles! It should be obvious that we have here a special form of derangement.

Karl Barth, The Christian Life. Church Dogmatics IV/4: Lecture Fragments, translated by Geoffrey W. Bromiley (Edinburgh: T&T Clark, 1981)

*PP/S Edit!- I realised I wrote more about it in doingthekiwi.wordpress, rather than chelism.b

July 4, 2014

I went for prayer meeting tonight. It was food for the soul, and made me wonder why I haven’t been (there).

July 3, 2014

‘People always say, be true to yourself. But that’s misleading, because there are two selves. There’s your short term self, and there’s your long term self. And if you’re only true to your short term self, your long term self slowly decays.’

– Anonymous New Yorker

The short term comes at the expense of the long term. The single-lined spectrum monstrofies when reality warps onto fantasy. To shoot for one means the destruction of the other. We are our own patch of soil, and wildflowers spring forth faster and bolder than the oak. But the oak is a kingly wood. Each season has its passing, and cannot be returned.  Every season spent tending our wildflowers costs the oak one to grow; and the riches of the soil cease. Wildflowers are well and good for the wedding aisle, but who will shelter you from the storms of life? The wildflower has no roots you may hope in.

What then? Shall you throw away the acorn you’ve been given, and scatter wild seeds instead? The hope of a home could come in a shape as ungainly as this. Unassuming, plain and stringy, the stuff of hallway jokes. A promise held out, and no more. Awkward, unobtrusive and shy. You won’t get anymore from an acorn guy.

Mayn’t a wildflower join with an oak, you ask. What would an oak have with a wildflower- what business does light have with darkness? The wildflower couldn’t last long enough to be friends. Even the giving tree had enough of itself, for a lifetime.

You see I still struggle, and meanwhile my oak remains small. For someone attracted to bright lights, the steadiness of the oak appears dull. But it is my eyes which have grown dim, and need to see. That the strength of the oak is worthy of kings.