ooh, wordpress has a new face

July 14, 2014

I forgot the technical term for it- format? formatting? interface? something like that.

anyway! I should reflect on the recent move to an-other continent, an-other country, but really, the huge experience was processed back in 2008, in New Zealand, in a certain other space whose name begins with a c- and ends with an -m*. So I’ve mostly been task-oriented here. Which is not to say there aren’t things I’m grateful for, because there are, or everything’s been easy-peasy, because I’ve been on the edge a few times, with accommodation (when will my fingers remember it’s spelt with two Ms?) and especially the car. But in the interest of time – because the bed is calling – I wanted to post a few links on fooooood that I’d like to try when I shift into a beautiful new home tomorrow (! pretty excited about that), and begin making my own meals. Sous ve leus, which is completely made up but fit in anyhow. So-

1) Breakfast and rolled oats

Mostly rolled (not instant) oats, greek yoghurt, milk and chia seeds – with fruit chunks of the week. Nothing not to like.



I love eggplant dip. hannah’s mommy has a beautiful receipe which I’ve asked for, but hannah hasn’t gotten round to it. meanwhile-


3) Molten cake

Not, that I’m going to make it, I think, but it does look easy.


4) 10 Commandments of being an NYC chef

Zero recepies in there, but for the sake of #9 which reminds us to be kind to our dishwashers.


That’s about all. There was a yoghurt marinated chicken baked one, but the tab disappeared somehow and I’m still happy enough with the pan so I didn’t bother digging it up again. Too much going on on my browser right now.

In other news, Perth still means long-distance and lately I’ve been made to think of how to love mommy better.

P/S A quote from Karl Barth my attention had the pleasure of being directed to today –

So many facts, questions, and riddles! It should be obvious that we have here a special form of derangement.

Karl Barth, The Christian Life. Church Dogmatics IV/4: Lecture Fragments, translated by Geoffrey W. Bromiley (Edinburgh: T&T Clark, 1981)

*PP/S Edit!- I realised I wrote more about it in doingthekiwi.wordpress, rather than chelism.b


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