February 24, 2017

– more days to a new life. Half-new? I wonder what it’ll be like, how we’ll settle in.

– years since his training begun. 3 years and 3 months, to be more accurate.

– anniversaries



February 8, 2017

1. If one is confident, or proficient, an assessment is even a source of excitement.

2. However, if one is uncertain, or only certain of one’s unskillfullnes, c’est pas malheur. Just turning up, is also an accomplishment, its own merit.

We can all turn up. There is no shame in turning up to fail. There does exist the sting of failure, especially when it happens over anything we care particularly about, but disappointment is not shame. Do not confuse the two. We who arrive and fail, can still hold our heads up. Failure to show, however, is a close relative of averted eyes.

Annual love letter to God

February 6, 2017

Was not written in time for my birthday, after all. Nor is this it.

Listening Adele sing a song of regret and movies. The weather isn’t obvious enough for netball to be called either way.

It’s Stephanie Sun’s turn; she’s singing about stars and light, yours and mine. She’s searching, and maybe so am I. We are dust, after all.

Can I really help? Am I a source of support, or a burden, or a series of messages to be ignored?

Ed shereen sees fire, and wants to be remembered. well. that sounds about right.