November 29, 2012

Book shopping! i must have bought about thirty; thinking of all these volumes stacked atop one another in messy angles delights my bookish soul. Lewis, Vinoth, Chesterton, and both Wrights, chief among them. my only question is where to place all my new books so i would do each justice; i love books so much. and then also of course to read them. whichever the case, i suppose this means an overhaul of my room is in order. when i get back from tasmania/australia then.

tasmania/australia! the latter not so much for its own sake, rather for what it stands for, but the former for its own, yes, a place they say is beautiful and i want to see beauty so much. to see, and to soak in. i want. canyoning, caving, and time spend with my j. whom, i need to learn, is somebody more precious than i know i know at the moment, and someone i need to treasure so much more. mmm. till then. for now, i really need to – Pack.



November 21, 2012

21-7=14 which is 2 weeks, just two weeks but so much can change in two weeks.

1) i’m semi-officially done with P, that is to say, while i’m no longer expected through its doors, nor will i be part of its productivity henceforth, i’m on its payroll till the end of the year. which reminds me, i need to spend five hundred dollars.

either this new circumstance has yet to sink it, having happened so quickly, or i am remarkably ambivalent, or else, adaptive, or something else all together. mmm if nothing else time will tell. this story is done; all my agonising will soon be a thing of the past, God willing. time will tell.

2) no longer footloose and fancy free, me. formally asked and definitively answered, i am henceforth accountable to and responsible for life with another- you may take the head noun/phrase on both its meanings.

i am absolutely clueless as to how this new state of affairs will develop in time to come, and confess that my self-sufficiency and headstrong nature and, oh so many other things feel menacing, like hidden monsters in my way, but remember-

cowards run, heroes fight

Christ, it’s all about You my Saviour and my King, my Father who loves me and him and His Spirit who will lead us in what is right. i will take this day by day for now, seeking Your face in the morning light, and ending each day with You by night. and i know we will get there.

November 7, 2012

here’s one to remember; mass dancing around the campfire, faces glowing in reflected flames, laughing and shouting at the same time.

hmmm. yours truly borrowed a bimbobook tonight (bimbobooks are books with pink covers and a heart, with or without glitter outlined) and was in the midst of declaring her fandom for the rare funny witty well-thought bimbobook along with judge-me-i-don’t-care statements such as “i know one hundred and ninety eight out of two hundred of these are thrash but-“, when i realised this is the one and very same i approved of so highly, three years ago.



so- this chapter is reaching its end, and another beginning. a year or two has the same difference; my Father is that difference.

things will happen, and they will begin to happen after this weekend. Father, i want You; hold my hand for what i must do. grant me Your favour and that with man/ let go for the steps i have to take on my own, and then- give me Your blessing; i go only with Your blessing.

saturday pictures

November 3, 2012




you can see why

you can see why


here's another one for good measure

here’s another one for good measure


somewhere, out there, a teapot like this is waiting for me

somewhere, out there, a teapot like this is waiting for me