And I will, just not in the way I’d intended- that’ll be a later post.

I moved into Chinatown today,  and the office has big windows and views i was getting acquainted with when suddenly, I  realised the hill in the distance looked familiar, like I’d climbed it before.

And I have.



I had to scroll through numerous other posts to get this one, revisiting the ruins of a decaying story I had neither been old enough or willing to leave. I feel heavy reading the writings of those months. I had been so sad.

Also, three different guys in one post – I disbelieve myself.

But. for all the triumphs and tears I’d thrown myself into eight years ago, flinging myself into abysses and mud,  nonsense, plus and minus a hundred other stories along the way-

In the end I married the best of them all.


June 7, 2017

Yesterday I was running ten minutes late, today i am ten minutes early. I thought it was going to be a breakfast of soya milk and fried dough fritters, but breakfast together didn’t work out so I sit here phone in one hand, egg prata in the other.

It was a different front man but he told me the same thing, no change to my ten dollar note. This time however, I  decided I wasn’t going to bother any other stall for exchanging services to indulge prata men’s nonsense. So I said i didn’t want prata in that case, whereupon he gestured to my ten dollar note and found change. I was his last customer before shift change and found myself walking to the bus stop with him, in silence.

Five minutes before work begins. I am tired from last night, last night didn’t go well. I woke up this morning and wondered what this feeling was.

It’s nine.