I made

1. Kolo mee

Sarawak Kolo Mee Recipe

It was a lot of effort, so the next day I followed up with the effortless (read: lazy)

2. baked mackerel and 4 ingredient cabbage.

The cabbage was yums, so I did it again on Friday. Except I didn’t let the leaves char enough so not as same wok hei as before boo.

3. Lapcheong rice, because I finally got my hands on lapcheong and Rachelle taught me this one.

4. Mapo tofu, again courtesy Rachelle (this sums up all she ever taught me haha). As a byproduct of research prep, I ended up making my own chili oil and D*MN WAS IT GOOD. Mindblown.

Looks like this week’s theme is oily/oil-infusion (讲好听一点).

Tomorrow I’ll try ratatouille pasta. If it’s good I’ll put up the link.

6 more weeks till mom leaves


I said, “help mummy to love Jesus”- and it struck me that soon enough, loving Jesus will mean being a full-time stayhome mom with no respite. A dream for some, mais pas pour moi.

This is possibly one of those things in life where submitting, surrendering, obeying, and walking will be easier than struggling, resisting, refusing.

“Help (me) to love Jesus” so clearly leads to another path, right now, where loving Him means changing my current behaviour completely.

That I am not perfect,
that I am very far from perfect-
I am task-oriented, impatient, exacting, hard, harsh
I try to be better than my worst self,
But in trying I will fail

But I will try to love them
including the following ways:
By collaborating as a parent
By listening to their side
What they want to say
Giving them autonomy
When it’s age appropriate
Even if they may be slightly under ready
That we can talk things through
And ultimately I will let them try

That when they are ten, eleven, twelve, we can sit down and consider together

And when they are fourteen, fifteen, sixteen,
We can revise these

And again when they go to university

By the time they graduate they’ll be adults
And I hope I will be able to treat them as such
And ask for forgiveness if I take time to get it right

I hope I will have the balance of holding space,
Yet breathing on my own

That it’s okay if they want to go

This week I made

May 11, 2019

Scrambled egg mee sua

Butter slow-roasted chicken

Miso butter salmon

Pork belly with Miso-Chinese wine-kikkoman-mirin-honey glaze

Miso eggplant and pork (recipe from justonecookbook)

Stir fried lady’s fingers

As you can tell, I managed to get my hands on miso. Ok gtg need to wake the boy.

1. Chicken adobo- turned out well. Will be making this again. https://panlasangpinoy.com/filipino-chicken-adobo-recipe/

2. Slow oven roasted poulet en papillote, courtesy XT’s mother-in-law. Pretty yummy too, except I prob have to up the carbs in future. Six slices of sweet potato were not enough.

3. Chicken rice, because John got older. Possible only because mom took care of E while I chopped and smashed my way through various ingredients, using and washing and reusing various pots and pans. Unbelievable that in Singapore, I can stroll over to any hawker and get myself a decent plate in five minutes.  Hitherto unappreciated miracle.

4. Tonight- salted baked mackerel with rice. Let’s see how it goes.


Since Jan, I’ve been washing my hair once a week, and then not with shampoo but after a diy hairmask. My scalp used to itch after a day of not washing; it doesn’t anymore, which is a great feeling. However, hairgrease has been an aesthetic issue; my hair somewhat clumps in thicker strands now, which means my scalp is exposed and I look like I’m balding. Maybe I really am, but assuming it’s the clumping, i can’t decide if I should go back to regular hairwashing. But Arizona’s water is so gross. I’m thinking maybe in November, because the new baby would have been out for two months by then, enough for me to look like a haggard cave monster, in need of a sprucing. Also, it’d have been seven months since hair colouring then, def time for a change. I mean, it’s already fading as it is; gross.

What a lot of words for a frivolous decision.

April 27, 2019

Just adding a quick separate post to say that I’m really enjoying e at 16 months. Need to find a good childcare for him. Heard bad reviews about trinity, so contacted another place tonight. Hopefully they have space.

Glad also that my marriage is one that can sail even during rougher waters, and come through. Hopefully we’ll always be like that.

1. Oyakodon. Kinda blah but at least it was quick work.

2. Brinjal with minced meat. Yummy, but brinjals soak oil like a sponge. https://thewoksoflife.com/chinese-eggplant-garlic-sauce/

3. Butter shoyu chicken. Not too bad, but I put too much honey. And why are recipes recommending boneless chicken?? Those are a travesty.

4. Potato minced pork stew. I haven’t tried it myself, but mom said it was nice but too salty. Oops I knew I was too generous with the fish sauce.

5. Tomorrow- the usual pasta, but with panfried salmon in butter shoyu and mushrooms added on top. Hopefully j doesn’t scold me for the third week running about the size of the salmon because his friend really is coming down this weekend. And hopefully it turns out nice.