though truth be told..

December 16, 2013

.. i don’t much appreciate or understand my heavenly Father’s methods. there appears to be grave discrepancies between the promises of old and my daily troubles, a dissonance between grandeur and the familiar. the simple may be sweet in stories, but there is no veil of romance in my everyday life; just one trouble or scrape after another.

so maybe one day the scrapings will break through stone and light flood in and i will understand, but for the record, let it be known that at this point, there is a bitter taste in my insides.



the return of the King

December 16, 2013

– i am awaiting the King, whose return sets everything right.

–┬áin the meanwhile i long for Him. time here may be, and is, the long defeat, but for my part, i will fight it. that i may be found fighting it; the battle against unkindness and ill-will, against the temptation of meanness and hardness of heart; that i may be found faithful to my King.