November 25, 2014

1) we lost our game tonight. i will spend my pre-unconscious bed time later analysing my moves and what is to be done. mel said to run further down, hmm.

2) hurrah for the sister-in-law i can rant to, x.


November 24, 2014

the ideal living room picture proves elusive. nevertheless, here are some comparables. all credit goes to design website qanvast:
Space-Sense-East--Coast-Living-Roomnot the left half, nor much of the furniture; the background is where i’m at. i like the plant by the window. i want a tree by my window! a dwarf tree. a dwarf durian tree?


the dining table (although i’d probably like a slimmer. longer one); and the homey chatty chairs at the back. let’s have different chairs from those though
Gale-2bookshelf! wider, please. and yeah, something like.

ZLC-prive-bedroom-1possibility for the other room
ZLC-prive-storagehey, maybe this could even be configured into a table – hmmmm.

move aside, food

November 23, 2014

because ideas of interesting homes are apt to disappear, it seems. there was a pretty ideal one last week that had maybe four chairs facing each other at the far end of the living room, near the windows, and a dining table at the middle. the nearest room had been half-hacked. this much i remember. i liked that it was a living room deliberately curated for living and relating- i still can’t get over how many (99%?) of living rooms in flats/apartments are arranged around the TV. i absolutely cannot make sense how that black screen controls the lives and dynamics of entire families; it’s no longer a living room, it’s an altar the TV sits centrepiece of, and the hall a temple worshippers gather around in. i could go on, but rant over. picture/s instead.


credit: qanvast

kitchen idea. also i like bookshelves.

roar, the living room :(


i like the section titled “it’s my job to protect you. you can talk to me.”, and onwards.

we’ll see

November 17, 2014

hiii, three ‘i’s from the three of me saying hi to you. boybands from my teen years are playing from the speakers, times of the me who would sit by the radio and when the deejay announced a song i wanted, press specific two buttons at once on the radio so the cassette would begin recording. but you know how deejays like to talk as the song winds up? i would have tapes of my favourite songs with the deejay’s voice coming in as the song trails off and a hurried, abrupt end to the song as i stopped the recording to get rid of whichever deejay’s voice it was- cue last four beats to the song then- ‘and that was backstree- silence, then the next song of the early 2000s. Show me the meaning of being lonely is playing at the moment, incidentally. i guess they’re still my favourite band after all these years. easily 15 years. mmm.

went back to doingthekiwi, scrolled past the romantic tragedy that was z, not caring to recall; made it past the defining events of 2009; a year of heartbreak for more than one reason, person, sense, everything. stopped just before the parts where i was trying to work out what it meant to say goodbye to my country of exchange – i cared so much, back then- i could find tears now for who i was, if i allowed myself to. why did i love so much?

and then there’s me now, wings hung up. do 2011 and 2012 feel ghostly because i could not identify with it, the working world? i’ve spent the years uninhibited, will the future be detached or will i grow into responsibilities that come?

Photo of the weekend

November 10, 2014


Mr Foo. playing the piano with Landlady Grandbaby

IMG_20141105_222408 don’t tell my lecturer i was thinking of my next meal in class today, and thinking of beef/oxtail stew. but a quick search online showed a cooking time of 3-4 hours, and, well, maybe when i’m freer. and on days i don’t end at 5. chicken stew was the next search item, and it yielded this:


so apparently it’s a west african dish, although i’m not sure how authentic that is. wait let me go do a quick search (again) – turns up, um, nothing all that conclusive.

can i also add a quick (i seem to be all about quickness tonight) comment about my lecturer, who informed me that in australian grammar, the oxford commar is, ungrammatical (i added that last commar for dramatic effect). and oh, commar is spelt without the r? comma – looks naked! i shall follow in tolkien’s tradition of spelling my own words. commaR. there. hah.

but back to my stew-

i forgot to get ginger, and didn’t have bay leaves, also, i don’t have cashew butter; it sounds atas! hmm. on the other hand, i did add butternut pumpkin, and carrots – and no regrets. oh, plus i went with a fairly free hand re the spices and aromatics – used two whole onions, maybe four times the number of garlic gloves, and basically did whatever i felt like with the rest. still turned out well, hurrah.

the stew is one of those that hits the spot, and everything came really well together. it’s hearty, and quite definitely in the category of comfort food. housemate and i are talking of making this again next week – i’d invited her to drop a chicken piece into the pot so she could share in the stew, but she completely forgot, and used up all the chicken she’d gotten earlier on nando’s peri peri sauce roast stuff – she roasts like maybe 25-30 pieces of chicken at one go, then spends the next week or two eating it. says she loves meat, and could have it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. i like meat, john calls me a monster he has to feed, but i couldn’t eat the same stuff every time.

ohwell! just liked the dish enough to put it up, so i have the link for next time/or next week. i hope the internet never fails, and my compilation of recipes stay forever – or until whenever Jesus returns.

back to my written rationale for my ethics scenario; academic fatigue season!