most of all, for Easter

March 27, 2013

off to canberra to see my man’s ministry in OCF, and spend time with him! i’m very excited :D


hello, i thought i’d hit some keys over here. it’s about time anyway.

the year’s been a lull, ordinary days atop ordinary days. so life’s been changing and i’m at a new stage, well, there are stages and there are stages. i’m definitely further along the road to grownuphood now. i don’t know about grownupness though. my partner’s a bag of play, and that suits me fine.

the above sounds like a string of contradictions and i’m only going to add to that by saying that as trudging as this year’s posts have been, it’s actually been a lot sweeter, really. i suppose i haven’t done justice by remembering the joy with the blue. or else, perhaps we could conclude that this year’s only been down enough for 7 posts- that’s good for (31 + 28 + 21 =) 80 days. The year is exactly 80 days old.


in other news, here’s something i came across:¬†http://uw.theknot.com/admin/choosedesign/#

do you think johnny will use this for wedding planning? (: i should explain- because merely opening an excel file of friends’ planning templates is enough to make me fret, he decided he’d take over the planning (well, most of it!). i have an absolute sweetheart in him.

yep, and that’s official.


March 11, 2013

we destroy things for ourselves when our hearts do not seek Him.

my heart must be content in Him, He must be enough