I came here slightly weary, slightly scared, needing a place to work out certain thoughts, and face certain monsters.

It’s been a year; time really does fly. Understanding has come for much of what was needful, and trust in a faithful Father for the rest. My old self (am I younger now?) would have said I’m singing a ‘better song’. Hopefully.

I intend to be here for the long term, this replacing a dear space I grew up with. Irrelevantly, I’m flying to Thailand tomorrow, with trips to Canberra, the Philippines, and New Zealand planned. I think more could be said on these as reflective of my life, and I find myself appreciating the thought of my life as a series of journeys. but enough- I shall sit and think a little more. mmm.

words from a long time ago.

I used to be introspective, a word-musing reflector. These days, I just try to survive.

Perhaps there’ll be more clearer words in time, but meanwhile, here are the bare facts- February last year the wedding bells rang, and in July I moved continents to be nearer my husband. By nearer, I mean he is now a 45 minutes drive away and we have weekends together, as opposed to being a 4-5 hours flight apart and no days together. take what you can, give nothing back.

So while the hubbasaur is doing stuff in the air, I spend weekdays chugging at essays and feeding attempts; feeding myself, that is. I’ve failed at ribs, but there are successes. This place is a recording of these, and life’s other, failures and successes. You’re welcome to stay.


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