April 16, 2018

Fifty months and a day ago, we said yes and I do. Last night, at fifty months, you said you were happy we did everything together. And we did, from Perth to France and in between; loneliness and fulfilment, faith and hope.

Now we have a little man who considers us important, a little person who can’t sit up by himself and is still figuring out how to flip to his front, to stretch out his arms, grasp toys and rattle with his little fingers. Who sings along only to amazing grace.

We played citadels for the first time in 4 months and a day, last night; the last time had been while I was in labour, trying to be distracted from the pain. It was a close game; I thought I’d won till I lost, much to my disappointment. I like playing with you cuz I have your attention then.

I also like seeing you with Ezra, his smile and yours. We’ll get a toy for him at first opportunity and I won’t block you. Let’s go to a toy shop.

Tomorrow it’ll be fifty months and two days, and after, fifty months and three. Let’s take a life of risks and show our children faith in Jesus.

Love you.


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