I’m still going to laugh, then.

November 17, 2016

I have become more animated at netball, and I don’t think it’s me anymore on court- it’s someone loud and wisecracking, yelling at something every other minute, or breaking into laughter.

Or maybe it is me, except I’d distance myself from me.

Nikolas (greek spelling because differentiation) asked me how I’m so skinny (genes, no kids), and we talked a little about family.  He said his three brothers were good for fights as kids, and I said I used to fight with my brother. He said he could still see the feistyness on court. I am quite bossy on court.

I wonder what people who are watching and don’t know me, think. I’m getting a cringey feeling. And don’t wanna be so noisy anymore.

More interestingly than my 1a.m. critiques, is that this reminded me of something else from long ago so I went to my old place to look it up:


I did very much enjoy being part of forbidden love, though.


suddenly I realise that after eleven years, very little sticks. Which, ladies and gentlemen, strikes me as both liberating and searching.


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