October 25, 2016

Today, I took out the marbles and sudoku; fresh memories of days spent by myself in a foreign apartment passing time with the same activities, same time-fillers in different lands.

My friends here have their routines, schedules, work; they toil from morning till night, and go home to unwind and other things done with wifi. I had one friend there.

I try to be good, and I am, cleaning our home, keeping things in places, but words like solitary, companion, company, and their like float around my head and I confess they get to me.

Perhaps it’s just today, a slightly sad day, that I have to sit with, two unhappy acquaintances in the drawing room wishing the other would leave, maybe I’m meant to be lonesome today, and certainly the rest of the week looks better than today does, but oh, if only today was otherwise.


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