I have memories

October 22, 2016

You, sitting on the shower floor, chatting to me seated on the lidded toilet about Turkey, peace, and wouldn’t I have done the same thing if our positions had been reversed? I would have let you go, I say, and you look surprised.

Of figuring out gas pipes, gas valves, which side is up and which belongs to me and not my neighbours, who incidentally, kept the Christmas presents meant for us for when we returned. Also reading the washing machine manual, dyer manual, sending photos and videos so you could troubleshoot remotely halfway across the world. Like the day the thing flew into the apartment and scared me silly, except, you were closer then.

I bought a bonsai plant today, and some leafy hanging pot because it had two reddish flowers. I don’t know if our sun is enough for the 水美(挴?), but it wanted to come with me so it’ll be positioned in the kitchen tomorrow.

Bike rides, overeating, and singing hymns because reformation is coming soon and that was important.

Maybe seven weeks till you’re home.


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