October 9, 2016

1. Three days ago, I snipped lavender off their stalks and placed them in bottles; a bouquet for six. They’re on the coffee table, but I’m afraid inspiration came late; they’ve been faded brown by too many afternoons in the sun. A hundred petal heads scatter across the space beside the microwave, me must clear them this week.

2. I read an article last night, which said choosing partners was for the 2, 000 boring Wednesdays we’d have together, not the fourth day of the honeymoon when both were still giddy and high (@waitbutwhy). It also observed that communication, although essential to relationships as oxygen to health, is not as natural and couples take conscious steps towards strengthening this skill- partaking in couple workshops/therapy, for example.

3. You and your face have only grown more precious over the years.


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