October 5, 2016

1630 is the time cars build up, grocery shoppers squashing closer, atoms bouncing off the walls more often. I could ricochet too, or go tomorrow. Let’s see how the planets align by the time this battery is charged to thirty percent.

For the first October in six years, the year isn’t ending. The leaves are red and brown, grapes will soon be harvested, but the year isn’t standing to leave. I watch it, wondering why, and what to do.

(I’ll grocery shop tomorrow instead; teabags, meat, vegetables, oil cover thing, letterbox key. This means no tea tomorrow morning, though, since I drank the last bag today. Sigh.)

What if I don’t feel like leftover curry for dinner; or anything at all? If I were home, 水饺面 would do, well. But I am not.

I am stuck between inertia and stomach. Pleb. I wonder which will win. Mmm.


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