This is just a rant post. Unrefined and whingey.

July 20, 2016


Facebook reminded me of a photo I took 6 years ago while travelling solo. I’d said I found it poignant and the same emotion strikes me still. But six years ago, I cared for it because I imagined two sojourners determined to make the rendezvous, one waiting with all might and main, the other doggedly coming closer, both never giving up on each other. Today it makes me melancholic because it seems to me the one waiting is waiting alone, and tearfully.

不见不散。Whether said confidently or desperately, it is said in hope, keeping faith. A heart can break but it holds the pieces
And stays.


My mommy is a little like that, and I am the distant other.


I want to bring her to Barcelona and Cinque Terre, both, but my attempts to organise the six day trip is agonising. me. I’m not the most natural planner, and 4 trips in eight weeks is. taking a lot. from me. I wish I was better at this. How do people desire never-ending holidays? Or nomads. I mean, I suppose I could live the life, just not. prep it.

I have a wrinkle in my soul and I would like to empty the gunk out. Or maybe there’s no gunk; an untwisting to be done. I can’t handle what I don’t know.

Is it ants over waiting for S to reply me on x flight detail, J re y&z accommodation, or the apparent impossibility of getting mum’s trip sorted? Add the car delay to the list. My head.. isn’t very competent at the best of times, and at the moment things are spilling out. I’m trying to catch flying monkeys (i wish they were ladybugs. Ladybugs are more docile and prettier).

Oh, and there’s Skype with the girls tomorrow too. And is pickup going to happen? At the beach? And will I find out (correctly) in time? Google translate mocks me.

Accommodation for J and mum, flights for mommy, my laptop died in protest when I needed it because it wasn’t happy being unopened for seven months,

I’m going in circles. Enough. Going to publish this pathetic piece of a post, demolish my third nectarine of the day, and get down to figuring some multi-city miracle whilst straining at the handphone screen.


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