Frazzling morning, let me reorder my thoughts

June 13, 2016

1.1. car repair is shifted to next Monday. Not a big deal, I’ll drop the car, take L4 back, pick it up on Tuesday or Wednesday. That’s alright.

1.2. need to withdraw money today. And pack. And reserve ember yard for 7pm.

1.3. J will get me on Friday so I don’t need to buy a train ticket.


2. My current hypothesis: the more unknowns I’m holding, the yuckier I feel. Therefore, for the events I can control, the quicker I square away the snails, the better I’ll feel. Organized me is peachy me. Insert usual caveats about my uncontrollable life and the danger of swinging to extremes.

Story- I was feeling awful about this week until I sat down to fill in my blanks; I do appreciate confidence rather than stress.

3. The boat ride under night sky and stars was nice.


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