May 25, 2016

Grape juice into wine. Sweet, hazy, heady grape into a sweeter, headier, wine.
I like sauternes.
Sauternes are first infected with noble rot*

Yeast, sometimes bacteria- converts sugars into ethanol and CO2. the time from harvest to drinking can vary from a few months to more than twenty years.

Crushing, is gently squeezing, squeezing, the berries, and breaking, breaking the skins to liberate (liberate) the contents of the berries. Destemming is the process of separating the fruit and stem. Pressing is the act of applying pressure to grapes in order to separate juice/wine from grape skins.

Pressure. Separate.

After a period in which the wine stands or ages
(a period of
the wine is separated from the dead yeast and lees
(the yeast is dead has died)
then transferred to a new container for secondary aging.
Lees lees lees
More w aiting
During this time tests are periodically run to check the status of the wine.
Ca1, ca2. Sa1, sa2.

Wine is filtered before bottling to accomplish clarification and microbial stabilisation.

Clarification: removal of large particles which affect the visual appearance of the wine.

Stabilisation: the removal of organisms which affect the stability of the wine, thereby removing the likelihood of spoilage. the addition of permitted stabilizers.

Wine is ready

*rot. fungus infested grapes. Terribly unappealing. creates distinctive


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