There is a resting place for me

March 7, 2016

I just ate 4 slices of a pizza I ordered; it’s all quite probable that a body can survive with bits and broken phrases; but I’d like to thrive. Or really, hold a conversation. A surviving body gets lonely otherwise.

This body has also made it through, by the love of God and the saints, what would otherwise have been a horridly difficult weekend. Chicken, prawn curry, fish sambal and beehoon goreng have gone into this stomach and out. Plenty of Skype helps too.

Friday night I prayed aloud to remember that for all the awfulness of a punishing weekend, the gospel is bigger and the story of Jesus Christ rising from the dead to redeem the world, stands unchanged. His story covers mine- his narrative precedes, proceeds and supersedes mine. When my chapter is tumultuous, it can rest on his. My story can always rest on his.


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