Preliminaries on the week, and the annual love letter to God

January 30, 2016

  1. I’m currently living in a medieval village, but it just seems like a lot of stones to walk on, to me. That, and grimy walls. I need to cultivate my imagination and enthusiasm.
  2. I spent some time last night reading old posts, circa 2005. I enjoyed the exercise and wish I could merge the two previous sites with this.
  3. This week, I ate far too much. Gourmand, the lady called me laughingly. Too much cheese, daily chocolatines entre meals, and too much, in general.
  4. I have also been breathing in a lot of fumes in the past month, of various chemicals and the like. I think perhaps a good mask is in order.
  5. I cannot find a piece of paper I apparently need :( I wasn’t told it was important by anyone… I will know by this weekend whether it is sighted or otherwise. Mama said that God is very smart and will direct us; papa said to pray and leave it to God. I’m thankful for parents who bless me with their faith.


Dear God,

Spending time with You, remembering and reflecting.

Father, this year, let faith be my byword. And in faith may courage and excellence be my companions. I want to worship You with my life.

Thank You for preserving me/us thus far; I don’t think I’ve really thanked You the same way John does, all the time. Tonight- let me thank You that I’m alive and married still. That I’m married better than I was almost two years ago. That I’m now living last year’s nightmare and it has turned out to be grace upon grace from You. That I struggled through the loss of normalcy and am almost okay.

At the back of my heart is a nagging worry that I cannot find the piece of paper and maybe I’ll have to leave France but- in the spirit of faith, let me declare, however falteringly, that You are good, Your plans are good and I can trust You no matter how badly things pan out. That You will work even in the worst case come true.

Oh, it’s scary to say that. Sometimes Your plan takes years to unfold and Your saints have walked in heartache as they endured. What do You have in store for me as You break my pride, sanctify my soul (+heart mind body strength)? But I affirm: You are good, and Your love endures.

And since I am now married, I pray this for my husband: let him be like Your Son, let him know You. That Your joy will truly be his strength, that he calls, that You answer. May our marriage bring You glory, and testify to the great Hope of the Day when Your Son returns, all things are made new, and the earth shall be filled with the knowledge of the Your glory, as the waters cover the sea.

Happy birthday to me, and muchmuchmuch love to You, from

Your daughter.


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