A letter to the year

December 28, 2015

Hello, goodbye.

I’d thought of leaving illumne after this, one final post to end this space. Start somewhere anew, think fresh thoughts. But life is still unpredictable and I don’t have an address in France to call my own, so it appears more fitting to stay in this sometimes tempestuous often uncomfortable site, than settle roots linguistically whilst the rest of my life fluctuates.

2015 is seeing its way out, and I’m glad. I didn’t much like Perth; my lessons there were rather intense. But it’s over, and now I need to square up to 2016.

I was just telling maybs and gayle that my options here feel yucky, and by extension, my life. That I’d known all along this would be the case, and my adventurous spirit has gone missing.

Hi, 2016. I sense you tentatively, unsure of whether or not we’ll be friends. But the final days of this year find me in a better place than I was 365 days before. Hello, God, will you keep Your glory before my eyes? That I may be dazzled and guided by You.


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