Ordering the days

November 26, 2015

Saturday night, I slept, woke, slept, woke, slept and woke again.

Sunday afternoon, I sat across a good friend and confessed I didn’t like her fiance.

Sunday night, I decided to postpone my flight to France.

Monday, I played netball for the second night in a row.

Tuesday afternoon, I patted a shoulder and said hi.

Tuesday night, someone asked for my five year plan.

Wednesday afternoon, I questioned someone else’s engagement. He said John, with his super patience and super calmness, was a divinely super complement to me, but that he wasn’t sure about his. (People generally make that remark about John; I wonder how I’m an asset to him; no one says; I wonder what that says.)

Wednesday night, I was asked if I get lonely, for the second time that day by as many people.

I don’t.

I don’t get lonely this time.

I wonder what that says.


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