will you give me your leg?

September 4, 2015

on a walk, and in the darkening sky i think at first that this is impossible, this is an impasse and there can never be unity. then i think that maybe i ought to walk forever, till it’s bedtime and all i need to do is return to a bed. i think briefly about crying foul, that the contract hadn’t been clear enough. what i wanted, was to lay blame. my unhappiness is your faultif i had known, you should have told me, and other accusatory lines. what was i supposed to do, where was i supposed to go from here?

i thought of Jesus, and figured He’d wait for me till I looked around for Him, treating me always with kindness and grace. and while i was off on my own, whatever He’d be doing would be for His Father’s glory.

before i was done mulling, however, my thought were distracted and i reached out my hand.

we finished the walk hand-in-hand, and mostly in silence, on my part. i still don’t think/know what to do or say, what is reasonable and what would cross a line. i would like a thorough conversation, but i don’t know how.


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