July 16, 2015

Hi all!

I’ve been pretty excited the past few days since making the first call; I haven’t figured out why I get so animated thinking about calling and texting contractors but for some reason I think it’s super fun. Maybe it’s because I’ve had success with 4 of 5 firms/people I’ve contacted, and also it’s big picture stuff at the beginning which I generally find very appealing. I’m sure once the details come crowding around and demanding decisions as to which of the ten air conditioning brands are to be ours, the pathways and complexities of wiring have to be reckoned with, I’ll be singing a different tune. But let me enjoy what I can. And stop analysing every train of thought in me brain. So here goes!

Basically, John has one favourite dude and so have I. I had also a favourite id firm which I called first of all but they were so busy I was informed their salesperson would take more than a week to get back to me. And we’re working on limited time, so the artistroom escaped. Here are the rest, in no particular articulate order-

1) Artharenovations: We called him because a fashionable friend recommended him, and someone who passes muster with fashionable friends must not be sniffed at. Turns out he’s in Bangkok at the moment, but he’ll call me on Saturday when he returns.

2) JE of renotalk fame: I’m really stoked to get a site visit with this pair! They’re so so popular. They’ll be at our humble abode Tuesday afternoon, and we’ll see where it goes from there. Apparently their quotes are reasonable and workmanship good, the main reason for their popularity. I suspect their price won’t be the most competitive though; pity, cuz they’re my personal favourites.

3) K2LD: this was another hard to get contact that I managed. John’s favourite of the lot. I’m quite impressed by their work too. Wonder how this will go.

4) Mr Y: my parents-in-law’s bathroom person. We think his workmanship is good, and he’s not famous on renotalk so that could mean his pricing will be the lowest of the lot. We’ll see.

Yup, that’s the big 4 for us! Our dear friends did give us other contacts and I’m aware it’s quite common to meet up to ten design firms/contractors but we don’t have that kind of stamina so that’s that. To be honest, I’d have been happy to just meet with our two personal favorites. To be honestttt, one of the other two was a practice call cuz I was tongue-tied and didn’t know what to say. But when I called JE I was still tongue-tied and nervous anyway. Hahaha. So fan girl it’s embarrassing.

Alright, that’s all from me! I’ll update after Tuesday, when we’ve met everyone. I wonder who we’ll have! How interesting.

Screenshot 2015-08-08 at 18.54.21


2 Responses to “Contractors!”

  1. sddeats Says:

    Hi… do you have J&E’s contacts to share? Please send to contestsinkie@gmail.com. Thanks heaps.

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