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February 26, 2015

what i’ve been up to, aside from dreaming two nights in a row about breaking engagements. the first night i dreamt i was engaged to the president of the world who was in a hostage situation, and we broke up because i was going incognito outside and we were practical. the second night i dreamt i was on the verge of breaking up with a billionaire rugby mad brit accent boy. i don’t know what is going on; these dreams are scandalous. at least i have an interesting dream-life, i suppose. as if my real life wasn’t eventful enough- maybe because it is too eventful that my unconscious is affected! hah. and don’t read too much into my adventures, thank you. let’s see what i dream tonight. mm. i meant to put up a photo post.

IMG_20150226_200443 IMG_20150226_193121Two of food. The curry chicken above, wasn’t curry, really. More like turmeric coconut with stuff and I need to stop doing that combi. It tasted so much like the sayuer lodeh, and I prefer my possibly Burmese chicken stew to this. That said, it was tasty enough that I do not mind finishing the other two chicken thighs that went into the pot. As for the kailan oyster veg, I’m totally happy with it. I have Rasa Malaysia to thank. And since I have a few bunches of kailan left, I’ll be repeating the dish tomorrow just to make sure I have it right. Also, my housemate caught me licking the osyter sauce off the plate; I think she was completely horrified. Oops.


You know you’re Singaporean (/Malaysian/identifiably southeast Asian) when your husband mentions to his friends we found a place selling durians, and the next thing you know, you’re lugging 14 boxes home cuz they also want.
IMG_20150220_234418Said husband, rescuing me from a wingy bug with his marmee BBQ flavour packet. So manly. Whee.


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