the winds

February 23, 2015

CNY has come and gone, and while I miss pineapple tarts and perhaps a slice or two of bakwa, I’ve realised the meaning of the season’s in the people.

Been here about 7 months now, got me a little potted mint over the holiday. It seems to be doing well, I hope it blooms and stays fly-free and and- smelling yummy.

It’s felt longer than seven months though. Closer to a year. Speaking of year, our 365 passed last Sunday and we celebrated well enough, with lunch at Houghton café, and dinner at Mueller café. An Australian winery and German house-restaurant. We concluded that the past year has taught us to prioritise. I hope it carries on. Today, on the way back to base, j retold an instructor’s experience – when posted to Thailand, his boss pressured every one to choose a prostitute.

I pray his time will never come, but if it does, that God will work mightily, and deliver. I trust Love will triumph.

How much longer in this land? The winds might soon change. Might, or they could flag on another half-season. Who knows – only God. He has His time. I will abide.

The winds might soon change.


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