it is all about Jesus, it will always be about Christ

January 18, 2015

Typing, pausing, catching myself, deleting, typing again. things get better with a book and jay chou paused on grooveshark, and hubbasaur on the phone, but this afternoon was difficult.


‘so if you get posted to cazaux, it’s better i don’t come?’ 

‘what’s the order of preference? job in cazaux, then singapore, then study in cazaux?’ 

aiyoh, darling, why you cry?’ ‘i.. tried not to.’

I type out fragments of our conversation because reflections are out of my reach. Must I really journey the next season apart from you, must I be left at home?


Yet these are what-ifs, so-ifs. 

These are what I know: God’s goodness is worth trusting in, all struggle is worth their pain in Christ, and it is all about Jesus. it is all about Jesus. regardless whether i am with him or we – or otherwise – regardless circumstance, all we are is for His glory; it will always be about Christ. and this truth is big enough to hold us, our situation, and every one of its possibilities.

I don’t know what the coming future looks like, but I know God has always, always been faithful. I have never been shortchanged by God, never. The mountains themselves could shake and fall, yet my God holds true. and He has us in His hand.


2 Responses to “it is all about Jesus, it will always be about Christ”

  1. Debs Says:

    It’s quite belated but sending you a virtual hug :'< *hugs*

  2. everyprayer Says:

    sending hugs back! and blowing a ksis :*

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