the artful question

January 12, 2015

reunited with my car and thinking of the heart. mr attn (i call the car mr attention) now vibrates with unflagging regularity at 100km/h; I pretend I’m an off-road driver going to mysterious places, then. It’s not too difficult in the blackness of the night when stretches of the highway are flanked by bush, lit only by headlights. I wonder if I will miss these drives when the time comes to be reinstalled home. perhaps; i believe i will. there is a wild liberty to flying past darkened roads, unknown shapes, in muted orange-black silence, and the concentration of navigating roadworks amongst all these.

We straddled a catamaran on saturday, while towering plumes of smoke stretched across the CBD. 6650 hectares burnt; but not enough to be a topic of conversation among locals. makes me wonder, these differences.


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