you and i, collide

January 10, 2015

edit 1 – Nov ’14: since i have some time (waiting to be told where in joondalup to go and then), i shall update what i’ve done so far with this list: see #1, #4, #7, #10.

Edit 2 – Jan ’15: #2, #3, #5

in a bid to increase my focus on the upcoming exams (as opposed to enticing recepies), i will gather all them enticers and settle them here. in no particular order of merit, then

1) curry veggie http://wokkingmum.blogspot.com.au/2010/05/curry-vegetables.html

to cook this week, or,… – i guess to cook this week. i think. means buy the ingredients at viet grocery shop tonight after netball.

Post-attempt: very happy with the results, even if this is labour-intensive. It’s also quite the rich dish, so I’ll probably only make it from time to time. Note: it was quite thick, might have been the extra candlenuts I added. Actually I added more than twice of everything because Beechboro’s lemongrass comes in bunches so I wanted to use up more, but anyway the lemongrass was really subtle (read: I couldn’t taste any of it), so if I do get round to doing a second curry next week before I fly home, I’ll use up all the lemongrass. Having said that, though. I’ll probably just donate the lemongrass and gigantic cabbage to housemate who liked said dish very much. Pictures below! IMG_20141120_163402 IMG_20141120_184112IMG_20141120_200607 Good stuff. I also have a little video but maybe another day..

2) stir-fried french beans


only because i’m so terrible at stir-fried veggies. So terrible, i tell you. my veggies have been a consistent failure. sigh.

Post-attempt: I’ve cooked it twice since returning here! Not too bad, also cuz my standards were very low to begin with haha. I need a guinea pig to verify. I basically cook it with garlic and dried shrimp first, then add the sauces and eggs when the beans are nearing done cuz I find beans take pretty long to cook. I liked it when I left the eggs for awhile, so it was like omelette pieces and with the brown-burnt look in places, yknow. But yeah definitely need a tester. johnnnnn.

3) vietnamese spring rolls


because we have developed a taste for them. and he asked me to try making some. this one will have to wait till we’re back from home, i think! plus i need to find out how to make the traditional sauce. this version too haps for me. and the innocent hubby thinks the sauce is “just sweet sauce”. we’ll see!

Post-attempt: IMG_20141129_135809

here it is! Not too bad right? This was the nicest one, made by featured laptop-staring person. Give credit where it’s due heh. But yeah my sauce was quite fail, pfft. Also, the downside is it doesn’t keep well, but has more ingredients than can be made for just two people. So I’d recommend this for a family party – unless you have pro rolling skills then you can bring it to a party party – unless your family’s really judgy thenn- you can bring and share with us. whee.

4) stir-fried bak choy (kailan?)

http://steamykitchen.com/2112-bok-choy-stir-fry-recipe.html what’s the difference between the two?

Post-attempt: it was satisfying enough! maybe as I make more of this I’ll improve? It’s linked with #10, by the way. I just added pan-fried pork belly to it (:

5) stir-fried french beans the second


i’m clearly in earnest about my stir-fried veggies. also, why are stir-fried long beans so popular? i’m not the greatest fan, but they pop up again and again. ah well.

Post-attempt: See previous beans post for comment. point of interest – my new fail is tau geh. And I suspect the new housemate snucked a few of those when I was putting the sauces back in the fridge. I don’t know what to say about that man.

6) chocolate date cake


although my hopes of making thai tea cheesecake have been unfulfilled because of the lack of thai grocery shops in Perth :(

7) the dilemma

http://www.thekitchn.com/how-to-make-yogurt-at-home-cooking-lessons-from-the-kitchn-125070 http://www.bonappetempt.com/2013/06/blueberry-pancakes-with-ricotta-and.html#comment-form

should i make cheese, or yoghurt, with my leftover milk that expires the day after tomorrow? i can’t decide! and i actually need to make a decision. argh.

Post-attempt: I made yoghurt! Well. A yoghurt drink more like. It said check after 4 hours, and I did, and it was firm to the touch, so I whisked it as per notes but as I did so it turned out that appearances were deceptive; it was still setting and therefore rather watery. Left it overnight but there was no difference; think I killed the process by my violent (according to the bacteria’s standards) jostling. mmm. I had some after lunch today, it’s like very soft yoghurt with bits of cheese in it. Quite nice actually. And completely unfindable outside. huzzah.

8) Fesenjan: Persian Pomegranate Walnut Chicken Stew


middle eastern, apparently. will make it when i come across pomegranate molasses – as likely as thai tea leaves, or unlikelier. sigh.

9) pork stuff

such as: aunty pm’s charsiew (i intend to do this.. after christmas?) and celeste’s siew yoke (siao bak?) and this: http://shesimmers.com/2012/05/baked-pork-tenderloins-with-gravy-coconut-rice-and-carrot-som-tam.html in order of

– and omgsh, can i just say, look at what i found while searching for how to spell siao bak (!) http://happyhomemaker88.com/about/ i see where more hours are going… – anyway-

10) uh. where was i. tonight’s dinner?


although that means i will have to prepare my pork belly before i leave home tonight and because i’m soo slow, i anticipate that’ll take 45mins or so. not to mention washing up. oh man. what about my exam prep?

Post-attempt: see #4

mannn.okay well. one step at a time. we’ll see where i am at 5pm. i suppose i could always eat a mango or two post-netball instead! hmm hmm. you know what – after these distracting nuggets are here and out of my system, i’m wondering how i got so enamoured with them in the first place. gosh. sounds like the crash after a high. i don’t know what’s going on. lemme go back to cognitive behavioural therapy’s technique of debating irrational beliefs, and decide whether it clashes with roger’s non-directive counselling theory.


2 Responses to “you and i, collide”

  1. Joy Says:

    thai tea cheese cake!!!! I WANT!!!

    • everyprayer Says:

      heh i finally manage to locate a source of thai tea yesterday but the lady said she can only sell me 500g for 7.50. That’s pretty ex but my main point is i don’t need so much. so not sure how it’ll go! but i do hope to make it at some point

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