move aside, food

November 23, 2014

because ideas of interesting homes are apt to disappear, it seems. there was a pretty ideal one last week that had maybe four chairs facing each other at the far end of the living room, near the windows, and a dining table at the middle. the nearest room had been half-hacked. this much i remember. i liked that it was a living room deliberately curated for living and relating- i still can’t get over how many (99%?) of living rooms in flats/apartments are arranged around the TV. i absolutely cannot make sense how that black screen controls the lives and dynamics of entire families; it’s no longer a living room, it’s an altar the TV sits centrepiece of, and the hall a temple worshippers gather around in. i could go on, but rant over. picture/s instead.


credit: qanvast

kitchen idea. also i like bookshelves.

roar, the living room :(


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