dish of the week: west african (?) chicken stew

November 5, 2014

IMG_20141105_222408 don’t tell my lecturer i was thinking of my next meal in class today, and thinking of beef/oxtail stew. but a quick search online showed a cooking time of 3-4 hours, and, well, maybe when i’m freer. and on days i don’t end at 5. chicken stew was the next search item, and it yielded this:


so apparently it’s a west african dish, although i’m not sure how authentic that is. wait let me go do a quick search (again) – turns up, um, nothing all that conclusive.

can i also add a quick (i seem to be all about quickness tonight) comment about my lecturer, who informed me that in australian grammar, the oxford commar is, ungrammatical (i added that last commar for dramatic effect). and oh, commar is spelt without the r? comma – looks naked! i shall follow in tolkien’s tradition of spelling my own words. commaR. there. hah.

but back to my stew-

i forgot to get ginger, and didn’t have bay leaves, also, i don’t have cashew butter; it sounds atas! hmm. on the other hand, i did add butternut pumpkin, and carrots – and no regrets. oh, plus i went with a fairly free hand re the spices and aromatics – used two whole onions, maybe four times the number of garlic gloves, and basically did whatever i felt like with the rest. still turned out well, hurrah.

the stew is one of those that hits the spot, and everything came really well together. it’s hearty, and quite definitely in the category of comfort food. housemate and i are talking of making this again next week – i’d invited her to drop a chicken piece into the pot so she could share in the stew, but she completely forgot, and used up all the chicken she’d gotten earlier on nando’s peri peri sauce roast stuff – she roasts like maybe 25-30 pieces of chicken at one go, then spends the next week or two eating it. says she loves meat, and could have it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. i like meat, john calls me a monster he has to feed, but i couldn’t eat the same stuff every time.

ohwell! just liked the dish enough to put it up, so i have the link for next time/or next week. i hope the internet never fails, and my compilation of recipes stay forever – or until whenever Jesus returns.

back to my written rationale for my ethics scenario; academic fatigue season!


2 Responses to “dish of the week: west african (?) chicken stew”

  1. (: Says:

    yessss comma has no ‘r’, woman!

    havent had time to write back yet, academic fatigue season the whole semester! D: hang in there~

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