dot points are for the busy and reductionists

November 2, 2014

1) i found out last week that the netball team i play with on tuesday nights was actually top in the league a few seasons back. better bring my A game this tuesday.

2) i feel like i’ve been eating way too much ice cream and brownie =/

3) it’s crunch time in school! 8k worth of words in papers due these couple of weeks, along with a graded presentation and its deliverables.

4) going to try make a cake for our November monthsary – will need to locate thai tea for this recipe! wait for it.

5) i should get started on my biblio, if i want to meet my goal of sleeping early enough to wake at 830 tomorrow.

6) but i feel like making more dot points.

7) i wish i played netball twice a week.

8) got a pair of sunglasses over the weekend; only the second pair i’ve owned in my life. it’s different from my previous pair, but i suppose this is one of those changes married life brings (no prizes for guessing who chose it).

9) i’ll put up a photo of my old one, for old time’s sake



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