for the record

October 20, 2014

i have 19 items in my fridge slot (we each get one tray level in this home). let me try recall them from memory:

slow-cooked lo bak, one maybe burmese chicken thigh, five pseudo-IKEA meatballs in their stiff gravy, a tray of eggs, a bunch of fresh asparagus, four avocados I got from spudshed that are refusing to ripen (repeated reminder why i will not return), one ripe banana I’ll probably eat tomorrow, a bit of butter, chinese wine, oyster sauce, kikoman soy sauce, condensed milk, two types of chili, – we’re at 14 items – pumpkin soup i made tonight, a tupperware of rice meant for tomorrow, a container of rendered oil from chicken and pork – i’m very proud of that- and finally, deep fried spiders and wine-red pomegranate seeds, the last two being completely imaginary ideas since i can’t remember what really is within. hmmm. come on, memory.

i guess deep fried spiders and wine-red pomegranate seeds are my final answers. let me rise, and go check-

ah! half a brownie made by my venerable landlady, whose chocolate goods are literally mouth-watering – my mouth, anyway -, which i’m saving for tomorrow, and tau chiau, aka fermented soybeans. i wonder why i don’t use it in place of kikoman.

mmm. maybe next time i’ll do an inventory of my larder. this is the life of an independent single*.

*disclaimer: the mostly independent not-single.


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