October means the end of the year is near

October 2, 2014

December, practically. That means 2015 is on its way; and where did 2014 go? Every year I ask that. And what will 2015 hold? Every year I know less.

Friday, October 07, 2011

one two three four- ev’ry-day im prayer-in’

you know you’ve been drinking a lot of tea when, on the way back from returning your breakfast plate you happen to make eye contact with the drink aunty and the next thing you know you’re back at your seat with a cup of tea in hand, somehow. i’ve got tea in the brain.

mmm hi, october’s week old already; i meant to come here so many times in september but what with one thing after another; never quite made it. so much happened in september. all the lists and thoughts i jotted on the fly (i had to let them out somewhere) won’t find themselves here, i don’t think. moment’s gone.

october’s the month people think of christmas, i don’t know why. daddy talked of october and christmas the same sentence, as did g, and someone else in conversation. i remember sitting in a certain car one year ago, and christmas songs were playing as we went down braddell road. do you think it’s weird? i replied, no, truthfully.

poor october, a month loved not for its own.

[where did my tea go? i glance down at my glass; a mere mouthful sits and looks pathetically at me]

i sit too, and it comes to me that contentment comes in the cool weather, a cup of tea and space for thinking. – and peace with God. little things, in a framework of the fundemental.

yesterday i sat with m-r over drinks and we discussed piercings thoroughly, amongst other things. sometime in the night i woke up and found myself touching my collarbone. in the meantime the default air has turned light, and breezy, with hints of chill. my colleages and i have been adding to packs of assorted teas in our area- earl grey twinnings, harrods (earl grey and apple), japanese green tea, honey, vanilla and chamomile tea- i stuck up a post-it today; it is the happiness corner. /hɑpɪnəs kɔ:nə/

rachael yamagata is playing into my earphones; i can’t think with the guitar strumming, the shaker going on in the background while she sings, paper doll. hopefully i’ll come again quite soon.



2011, three years ago- have three years really passed? surely not. back then i was working, back then my world had not john the way it does now. a lifetime since. i liked that car- but that’s gone now. i’m still trying for a collarbone piercing- maybe i should stop adding up little things.

i don’t get nice tea (teh) anymore. i still think october means december. maybe i’ll look up yamagata after this. i did like that car.

but all that’s gone now- even 2014’s leaving. 2015 beckons.


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