as i was saying

September 22, 2014

IMG_20140921_163758 (1)

Before my fingers stumbled and WordPress ate my almost-complete post; growl- I was saying, that I’d made two bowls of brinjal salad over the weekend, one deliciously, the other overenthusiastically, which meant overpowering spice and spiciness levels that makes my stomach acid feel as potent as English breakfast tea. With milk. meh. But the first bowl (above) was brilliant.

There are two recipes I’m looking to try in the coming week or the next; Possibly Burmese Chicken Stew, and char siew. I seem to know the stew, as if I’ve had it somewhere before. I can almost taste it. In any case, I’m going to have to acquire 220g of fresh is as fresh does ginger, ground turmeric, ground coriander, brown sugar (can I substitute this with honey?), and cornflour starch. mmm. The most costly item in this dish pound for pound will be ginger; it’s ridiculously expensive here in Perth. Why, I know not.

So yup, wait up for pictures! <3


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