if i put this link up, i can close a tab. also, i suspect my chocolate muffin present has turned dry =/

September 15, 2014


there we go. so if i ever rub honey and coconut onto my face, you know why. goes up there with some earlier post about going ‘poo-free. i don’t mind doing both actually, only inertia sits on me like an elephant so it’s not my fault i don’t have exclusively-kiwi manuka honey or extra virgin coconut oil; heck, i’ve never heard of extra virgin coconut oil, and i’m southeast asian. maybe the coconut met the olive and had a kid, or something. and yeah sheer force of habit compels me to wash my hair with gunk, every time.

spring means flowers, and spiders, and flies. i wonder why i only have the last in my room. i’d invite spiders in, except australia is a scary place with thingsies that kill human beans and spiders be one of them thingsies, well, some spiders anyway. and since i’m a complete blank with regard to fauna down under i won’t be ushering any spiders in my room anytime soon. an hour ago i armed myself with a post-it, then a dinner napkin, and hunted little flies. these flies are little and slow, so it was just a matter of pressing the murder weapon against the wall, leaving little black dotty imprints against the wall- slightly disturbing, but you’re welcome to offer advice- at one point i was moving atop the perimeter of my bed frame, trying to get the flies fellowshipping near the ceiling without falling off cuz that’d have resulted in a lot of pain. the next time the hubs is in the room i’ll get him to complete the job (if they don’t multiply exponentially by then and fly armageddon becomes impossible). i mean, he must be tall for a reason.

his first solo tomorrow! a new milestone, another inexorable push on the mill wheel; what’s the saying i have in my head? i don’t know where this will all lead to or add up, could i bear it if they were more of the same? i wished to type ‘buffering’; ‘burrefing’ emerged instead. so much of this, these days; what is wrong? what is wrong with everything?

some questions are not worth asking. for the record, if he makes it out this weekend, we’ll be at araluen (what a beautiful name), where the tulips are for a last weekend. i’ll see my flowers then.


a day after postscript: putting this link up makes it two tabs closed! you see i am so organised. minimalism, and few toys; that’s the life i see for my future kids. therefore, children, decide carefully if you want to be mine. /wink


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