sittin’ on that feeling

September 10, 2014

Because I have an essay due on the mental health management of Aboriginal Australians, I need to get this stuff out of my head. Saw a friend comment on a rape culture article on social media a couple of days ago (whose views I largely disagreed with), got talking about it with another friend, was referenced the link above, and been linking and reading ever since. 

Linking, so I won’t lose it, so in the years to come, when my son(s) are pre-teens, I’ll sit with them and we’ll read through it, and I hope they’ll be the ones who’ll stand up for vulnerable friends, who will speak against that handsy creeper, and say, ‘that’s not cool; stop it, what you’re doing/saying is weird’. 

p/s on a completely different and therefore jarring note: I made lo bak (braised pork belly) today, picture up soon!


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