sunday is as sunday does/the bursting fridge

September 7, 2014

So today is Sunday, and I have spent it as Sundaly as Sunday gets. 

Drove to church, worshipped and fellowshipped next to the hubs while the other 3 disappeared once service was over. Found them in Ellenbrook, and had lunch together. Said bye to the hubbasaur ( :( ), drove back home and had a nap. 

Woke up, decided to give barley drink cooking a go. Made it, simmered it, took a walk around the grounds while it was simmering. Munched on a sampling when I was back, and decided I had discovered a principle in life that goes ‘food will tell you when it’s ready’. While the barley beans were telling me their life story, I chopped up a brinjal. That sounds quite savage. hmmm. I had leftover pumpkin soup from thursday (yes, the third batch – I was tired to such an extent it was the only thing I could conceive), a second batch of cheese made yesterday (by the hubbasaur- a fact I’m proud of), frozen mince beef, and a brinjal sitting in the fridge since the middle of the week so I thought I’d make two dishes and clear the stuff at one go. But – “the best laid schemes o’ Mice an’ Men”/ and all that, you know. 

The first inkling I had of my evening was when I realised the brinjal was rather big (read: gimungous). I cut it in half, and debated whether or not to chop the rest. I decided I would. My landlady cooks meals for days at one shot, and I thought I could cook a two meals-meal. So I chopped everything up- and realised it wouldn’t fit my usual tray. I’d have to use the biggest one my landlady has. So I sorted that out, and popped the tray into the oven. The idea was oven-grilled brinjal topped with stir-fried mince beef. The economical rice stalls do this all the time, don’t they? But – the best laid schemes of mice and men – 

Meant that after I finished chopping (cooking involves a lot, a lot of chopping) my garlic and onion, the brinjal was ready (hmmm either my chopping is slower than I think, or I missed something. But anyway). I took it out of the oven andddd- started munching. 

The brinjal came out looking dried out and dead, which was a disappointment at first, but then I tried one and realised it was actually crispy outside and gooey inside. It was the perfect french fry. Except in this case, perth oven bake. I began munching while stir frying and realised my beef and brinjal weren’t going to meet each other. 

Sooo. I can now say I can eat a large brinjal in one seating. And that I cooked too much. Argh. I didn’t even attempt a pumpkin paneer in the end – I had a vague idea – so I had to stuff the pumkpin, cheese, leftover mince beef and barley into the fridge hoping that they’ll still stay fresh till Tuesday because I’m out all day tomorrow. Currently, my allocated fridge space looks like I’m one of those crazy people afraid of the apocalypse happening tomorrow so I’ve stocked up for world war iv (cuz WWIII’s already happened it’s a conspiracy they don’t tell us). Did you know barley expands? Like, insanely? My landlady laughed when she saw how much barley I’m going to have to guzzle through the next… I think what I’ve got can last me two weeks. And it was such a little packet! Barley only Looks innocent. 

So it’s ten pm on a Sunday, and I’m winding down. I miss the hubs quite a bit – but let’s just take today as it is, and rest. 

P.S here’s a link to a parrot dancing the bhangra; that bird moves better than I could ever hope to. https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=10202159962351567


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