Backdated: Things I never thought I could do #2; today I made pumpkin soup(:

September 1, 2014



And then I liked my first attempt so much I did it again tonight. However, I suspect I ought to have destroyed the carrots thoroughly; an hour of over-grilling and another boiling on the stove, but was my soup smooth and slurpy? Noo, it was itsy and bitsy with defiant carrot microchips too small for the magic blender stick to chop to submission. Mushcarrot, the next time there will be no mercy. But since I made enough for two bowls, tomorrow I will still have to endure itsy bitsy pumpkin with carrot microchip soup and reminisce longingly of my first obedient bowl. I wonder what it is with lemons and carrots and their rebellion (see post below). 

In other news, I was chatting with my dear landlady, who is a veritable matriarch with a beautiful home. She mentioned her husband used to work 80 hour weeks when they owned their own business (he’s with the mines now), and I asked how they guarded their marriage during those days

well, my dear, I used to keep the big picture before me”. 

It hasn’t been the easiest journey, for a number of reasons. The husband and I struggle, separately and together, and there have been times of heaviness. But I’ve reasoned that I’ll say to God I trust Him even when my heart is hurting and I am down. And if this is the time for us to learn Christ alone/Cornerstone, then let it be –  I will not boast in anything. 

I have been weak, but even in the tears my Saviour is. The Hope of the gospel remains, and we cling to it. 

Also, not all is sad. It is six minutes past midnight, and my brother’s birthday!!! Happy birthday!!! And I am going to wish you on facebook now because you don’t come here and will never see this if I left it at that. And oh, internet world, tomorrow the hubs has his progress check flight, let us all hope and pray. 

It is almost one, my thoughts are now neither coherent nor logical. Goodnight, all. 

P/S This is a sad comic about a husband who loved his wife but didn’t make it back home:  http://www.chinasmack.com/2014/pictures/but-you-didnt-poem-translated-illustrated-by-chinese-netizen.html

P/P/S This is a sadder one, of a husband who only realised how his wife showed her love for him after she passed: http://www.chinasmack.com/2014/pictures/wifes-memory-korean-web-comic-viral-with-chinese-netizens.html

P/P/P/S Okay here’s something a little more heartwarming: http://www.chinasmack.com/2014/pictures/faithful-dog-of-korean-granny-chinese-netizen-reactions.html

I’ll come back and check this post another day to see if it makes enough sense


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