i hope the video gets embedded proper

August 1, 2014

chanced across this tonight; haven’t heard it in awhile, not since canberra. listening to it brings back cold winter nights at the engineering lab where j would be working on his thesis, and i, taking a break from wedding stuff. i can even bring back the smell and sense of the lab, remembering. canberra is warm bed, computer chairs, carpets, and the most amazing comforter that was the best to snuggle under. a duskier, earthier note, than perth. perth is light on the nose.

i’ve had my first week of school. tonight i bought five books off amazon, six more to go. tomorrow i will organise my assignments, do my laundry, maybe drive to the butcher’s for a chicken thigh.

yesterday i was told to ‘look at people with a cross on their forehead,… or whatever it is that makes you remember Jesus died for them; that gives them a worth, that forces us to treat them as people who have a price beyond all telling because Jesus’ blood is over them’.

pea, not that you’ll see this, but i need an outlet- i’m concerned and worried: if he hurts you or your heart gets broken again, i will seek him out and destroy him, even if he had been honourable, for having approached you at all.


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