Even those on the moon must eat

May 15, 2014

I’d wanted to publish an entire album on Facebook, but John didn’t seem to think it was cool enough -downcast eyes. But! I have my own WordPress site, where all heartstrings go. Here, let me show you stuff I cooked while we were caravaning in New Zealand.



This was my favourite meal. The pork took really long to grill- more than an hour- but it was so, so, worth it. I’d do it again any day.


I was aiming for omelette, but the texture turned out more like quiche. Nevertheless, the brown mushroom confused-quiche with pan-grilled ciabatta was quite yummy.


Sourdough with sunny-side eggs and cups of tea. Simple but good.


Soba with side dishes. (You see I am getting more reticent.)


Sourdough with sausages! They take a long time to grill, but are soo deliciously juicy.


Towards the end of the trip, it was time to clear the contents of the fridge


I hadn’t been happy with the dumplings the previous meal (see above), so I tried it again for our last breakfast. I’m pleased to report success, and smoked salmon.


That’s as many pictures as I’ll post here. Tomorrow it’s off to KL, where something called a Red Bull air race is happening over the weekend. I wonder what it’ll be like.


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