hello, i have been married for 3 weeks and 3 days

March 11, 2014

but nothing much has changed. i’m still in tpy, owing to a lousy boss who says stay in, still staying up late because there’s work going on the other side where he is. 

the question of ‘how’s married life’ comes pretty often; i guess people just like reminding us and themselves of the giddyness of newfound marriage, haha. it’s nice to receive their smiles et al, especially the older ones; there must be something about marriage if even the oldly married take an interest in the status change. and i’ve managed to include the word marriag/ed in every sentence so far. including the previous one. i am rather amused. 

am currently looking up food around the world, but then i got distracted by … something i wanted to share but then i couldn’t without rambling and sounding ignorant and bordering on… well, whatever ignorance breeds is not good news. 

1.21 a.m., goodnight worldd


One Response to “hello, i have been married for 3 weeks and 3 days”

  1. (: Says:

    Married or not, you will always a big sister to us! Thanks for sharing all these little snippets – love reading them, love you more! :)

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