words are wandering

February 4, 2014

did we live in mongolia, or did we not?

i said it better once than i ever have since, and now in remembering i think i have lost a post- where did it go, i am vaguely unsettled.

but mongolia was a long time ago, and unsettledness can be put aside; not much would have been lost. even mongolia. but today, we saw dinosaurs today, and ergonomic chairs. of course m knows more than i; it’s always been this way, since we were kids and i was the one with eyes that watched more than anything. yesterday it came to me that the children in my family are made up of an only child and younger son. i regret i never did the older sibling thing well.

i wonder what i have done well, or how i have made my Father proud of me. perhaps his pride is based on his love for me and not on anything i’ve done particularly well; perhaps his pride increases because i love him too; i see how that works for my earthly father. my birthday wish still stands.

i know i know very little, and have even less of the depth i wish to have, and that i crumble when i ought to walk. give me wisdom, hear my cry.


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