January 28, 2014

gina says the last time she was in singapore was in 2010 (although i just checked; EARC was in 2011), so the last time we hung out was 3, 4 years ago- let’s put it at threeish. sometimes it’s good to have a friend one meets up once every threeish years; the growth in the intervening years peeks out as updates and comparisons for previous years are made. and it’s nice that it’s gina i glimpse my growth with, even as i wish we could meet oftener than we do. but i guess i’m thankful we get to meet at all.

19 days to a mega day in my life; can’t often say that, but for that i can. i wonder what i’ll remember; so many people have been giving advice, but at least it runs along one of two lines: have fun, enjoy the day, and remember the marriage is the real thing, not the wedding.
i agree with a fervor that’s borne from circumstance; there’s much uncertainty from the get-go and there are times when it gets to me; today it got to me. so i believe marriage and not the wedding is the real thing; what do i do then, with what i’ve got for the marriage?

got to remember, life is more than these. keep my eyes on the one who promises, well, promises bigger than trippy halogen swishes and cowabungas brighter than the sun. 2014 has pretty much announced its plan to be the most destabilising year  of my life thus far, but then it hasn’t reckoned on my God. i’ll….. fix my eyes on Him who loves me best, and remember them promises bigger and brighter than the sun.

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