lessons from long distance

November 11, 2013

we marked the end of long distance by going to the river safari today. i don’t know how they’re linked. incidentally, the day was also a sort of celebration of our first anniversary and a day. perhaps it was simply about any excuse to do something nice, for me at least; it’s nice to do something, well, nice once in awhile. mm. preamble aside, here’s what i really wanted to remember about long-distance:

1) long distance is hard work, and so are relationships. the sheer hard work of the effort of grace and forgiveness, of serving the other at the expense of the self. i must not be duped into thinking that love and relationships come easy, or that we will not be asked to walk the route of reconciliation with a heart torn by the other.

2) quality time comes out of quantity time- not of itself

3) we fought for this- i want to remember that we fought hard for this. when the weariness of the mundane sets in and familiarity breeds contempt, i want to remember that familiarity and the mundane, the ordinary has its place under the sun; that there is something to be said for a man who after work still comes home daily; not to despise the routine, but have wisdom to recognise my blessings and the grace to walk accordingly. if we could have fought and survived long distance, we can fight and survive its other extreme-

mysterious, inexplicable and incompatible, perhaps, but as i learnt on sunday, the greatest mystery, the greatest inexplicability and incompatibility, is a holy God who has offered sinful humanity, salvation and grace.


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