because listing makes everything clearer and therefore better

October 24, 2013

update: wedding mind-map!
updated- 16th Jan

30th- Bridal Appointment (@1300hrs, Tanjong Pagar)

1st- Get update on wedding card design
12th- Talk through RSVP details + Guest List
– Get in touch with Debs re YF invite
– Contact Kevin re going down for invite
15th- Release RSVP form + Contact Peony Jade invite vendor
16th- Meeting Gayle and Ruth re reception
18th- John and future living arrangements
19th- Get update on catering
20th- Wedding gift for parents

12th- Invites ready and given to parents
16th- Send out wedding photog email

1) Settle programme and signage (Caleb?)
2) MC scripts
3) Procure carpark people
4) Meeting with: Livecast and photographers
5) Meetings with whoevers
6) Walk down aisle thingy
7) Procure transport for the day
8) Banquet everythings
9) Decoration I/C
10) Update Lydia on theme for songs (when we actually have one)
11) Have a theme

(more for myself than anything)
A wedding is made up of:
– Invites, programme, programme design and signage
– A theme
– Catering
– Parking
– P.A.
– Decoration
– Welcome/recep table
– Songs & music
– Emcees
– Photographers and livecasters
– Ushers

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