October 12, 2013

Currently of utmost importance- is the question whether Algernon became Ernest after all


spring means- flowers carpeting around, sweaters shedding and moth sidestepping; the last of which has become rather a fixation, as i pick my way through corridors that lead to the open pantry of hot water and milk, final ingredients for a cup of tea. these moths are spaces of pebbled granite, but my appreciation for camouflage is inversely proportionate to my risk of stepping on film-thin wings and bits of body; it gets personal then. a particular moth took to hiding behind the sink tap today, so when i lifted the tap’s handle we both got a fright. it flew towards me and i backpeddled, hearing a laugh as i did so. ‘do not worry, it will not harm you’, said the german? jewish? PhD student who had been talking on the phone behind me, waiting his turn. what he does not know is sometimes, being startled is the harm.

i’ll miss the flowers when i leave.


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