the selective 365- Day 1

September 25, 2013

Day 1: hopes, dreams, and plans for the next 365 days with a picture of yourself

in the remaining days from 25/09/13 – 25/09/14
we have Plans to Execute, Life to Live and Hopes to Dream about
that include
organising the wedding,
becoming homeowners
(a rather bureaucratic
(read: a pain)
procedure in Singapore)
shifting out of my childhood home
insofar as childhood means the people you’ve always lived with
and who know you wear natty secondary school p.e. shirts for your pjs
so threadbare

i’ll have to shift in somewhere-
where exactly, i don’t know yet
it could be with j’s people or our own nest

he’s going to begin working in two months and a half
and i hope to be
in other words, sleep is okay.

we’re going to new zealand for a couple of weeks before
with assorted family members
his sister wants to bungee jump
he wants to sky dive
me i’m-
then he’ll graduate
mortarboard and cape
we’ll take lots of photos
and fly home
for aforementioned change

we’ve been told change is stressful
i’ve listed two
when we’re done with those
while we’re doing those
we’ll be preparing to move to perth
for awhile
possibly in the same state while apart
i’m not sure how things will work out

but i hope it will be 365 days of
in our good God

then we’ll see what comes next

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