August 13, 2013

recently, j and i have been talking a lot about the gospel. it’s me who keeps returning to it (for reasons obvious to me), but he’s always happy to engage along.

when we do, talk revolves around the same themes; sin, allegiance, forgiveness and reconciliation. i usually begin by telling him i will hurt him, or that i am sinful, terribly. he has unfailingly responded to these by reminding me it’s about whose side we’re on- not what we’ve done wrong, or not done right. we then discuss some grace, some hope and always, conclude with affirmations on the goodness of the Father, Son and Spirit; i rather think we can’t help but give praise and thanksgiving in light of what our conversation topic is.

i really, am thankful beyond measure that i have such to love me: the triune God, j, my family. people who know me and still will stand by me. a couple of days ago, j told me that as long as i come back to him, no matter what i’ve done, i’ll still be accepted. i started crying then. this is the gospel, real and living, between two people. faced with a love that forgives, i am both broken and restored.

i hope the gospel will always prevail


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